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No Residue Cloth Duct Tape



Exhibition / Event

You will save labour time and cleaning costs with double-sided carpet tapes for temporary fixing of carpets and carpet tiles. Field application and competition comparison tests have shown our carpet tapes are stronger, faster to fix and easier to remove. This range also offers you tape for masking carpet edges, protecting floors, fixing cables and hanging posters and boards. All these tapes promote fast trade fair building and clean trade fair dismantling.

Home / Hotel

Building / Auto

Stage / Photography

Painting / Decoration

Whether for masking and protection of surfaces indoors or out, for repairs and maintenance, or during renovations – we offer specific, tailor-made assortments of high-quality adhesive tapes for the many different requirements of a professional painter.

Printing / Plate

We offer a comprehensive assortment of plate mounting solutions with foam, film, or cloth backings to fulfill all flexo printing needs.


Marking escape routes, passageways, and hazardous areas is essential for workplace safety. Especially in high-traffic, heavy-duty areas like factories, warehouses, offices, or hospitals, highly visible and durable floor markings contribute to smooth, safe operations even in an emergency.

Packing / Sealing

We offer an assortment of packaging tapes with sustainable aspects for different uses and weight categories. The backing of these product is composed of paper sourced from controlled forests and other controlled sources and its adhesive is natural rubber or starch adhesive, a renewable feedstock.