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Long lasting residue free carpet tape


  As one of hot sale tapes -the white release paper hot melt adhesive double sided carpet tape. It is the most affordable one and based on fabric cloth,coating with hot melt on double sided ,on the other side is the normal paper.There are several normal and popular sizes of it.Such as 280mic*20mm*20m, 280mic*48mm*20m(T*W*L) the size can be customized by the customers.It can be used in the exhibition, the wedding,the advertising industry for carpet joining and fixed.Normally, our normal delivery time is 15-20 work days.

 residue free carpet tape

  Our company is located in the industrial zone of Bajiao wo su wu in Wanjiang area,Dongguan city,Guangdong province.There are many large-scale logistics companies in the surrounding area. The company has a rich of production experience, advanced production equipment, professional quality control and engineering research and development personnel, each batch of adhesive tape products have been strictly tested by professional adhesive tape testing equipment to ensure the quality of the tape, the company has a full range of machines The equipment's unique glue making technology and good after-sales service system form an all-round production line workshop. Your trust is the motivation for the rapid development of Haixiang tape.

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