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How to distinguish EVA foam tape| PE foam tape |bubble foam tape

  Dongguan Haixiang adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers since 2006, a branch of Haida international equipment Co.,Ltd. All of product have own professional test machine to guarantee product quality. which combines of Research & Development (R&D), Making Glue, Coating semi-finished Jumbos, Cutting and Packaging the finished tapes. Today, we would like to share the ways to distinguish EVA foam tape| PE foam tape |bubble foam tape for you. Firstly, they all belong to foam tape, and It is so similar to the look.

So how to distinguish? 

1. The level of softness and hardness. Bubble foam tape is the best soft, then PE foam tape, and the EVA foam tape is hardness one.
2. The level of stickiness. Bubble foam is better sticky than PE foam tape and EVA foam tape, Besides, there is adhesive residue whatever Bubble foam tape how to use. While, EVA or PE foam tape can’t be residue or less residue.
3.  The material of tape: Bubble foam tape use low destiny PE material, PE foam tape use high destiny PE material, EVA foam tape use EVA material.

The advantage of our factory foam tape

1) Moderate thickness, suitable for different use space.
2) Good flexibility, prevent components moving when shaken.
3) Good holding power, good adhesion to the rough complex surface.
4) Good resistance to temperature and solvent;
5) Very high tensile strength
6) The material of Eco-friendly without pollution. Comply with environmental standard
7) White ,black color, if you need other color can negotiate.
8) Excellent performance in a variety of sealing, bundling and holding applications
9) It is suitable on Summer and winter, warranty is within 6months.

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