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All-weather Double Sided Carpet Tape


  Most customers use the hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesive double sided carpet tape, there is a question in their mind, will the weather change affect the characteristics of double-sided carpet tape and bonding performance? In order to adapt to the needs and adapt to the difference of different weather temperatures, it is really necessary to use different materials. if the weather be changed, it will influence the features or the viscosity of the tape? So, in order to adapt the requirement and the difference of the different weather, it really need to use different material.

  In Some colder area to use double sided carpet tape, the effects that the initial adhesive will decrease,and peeling force also cut down. So, people may think that it is the problem of the tape, and think that it is no viscosity. This is a considerable test for the performance of double-sided tape that does not work at room temperature. Of course, if conditions permit, the cold production environment can be changed to an environment suitable for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, but this will inevitably increase production costs. 

Therefore, in response to the problem of using double-sided carpet tape in cold weather, our R&D department has developed a new unique “all-weather” adhesive. Our newly designed “all weather” adhesives are virtually immune to changes in temperature and humidity in the environment. High performance is consistent, whether in extreme heat or humidity. And the double-sided carpet tape product line offers a 20-month shelf life (50% more durable than market standards) and consistent performance. This double-sided carpet tape product line is superior to conventional carpet tape and is maybe the best exhibition tape on the market and is the preferred and used supplier for many carpet contractors and leading exhibition carpets.  

The growth of a company that uses double-sided tape should be like a human being. Without undergoing tempering, it will not usher in a bright future.