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No Residue Cloth Duct Tape



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Description of Haixiang Duct tape


Cloth duct tape is made from qualified PVC film and rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive or arcylic adhesive, weather resistance, corrosion resistant, used for corrosion protection of ground and underground pipes like air duct, water pipe and oil pipeline.

Features of Haixiang Duct tape:
1. Strong adhesion.
2. Excellent flexibility.
3. Anti-abrasion.
4. Oil-resistant.
5. Meet ISO,SGS
6. Eco-fiendly
7. No residue adhesive

Specifications of Haixiang Duct tape:
1. Base: cloth coated with PE
2. Adhesives: hot-melt /rubber/acrylic adhesive
3. Width: <1.06 meter
4. Length: any size is available
5. Color: silver, blue, yellow, brown, red, pink, green, white and so on

Applications of Haixiang Duct tape:
1. widely use for pipe protection
2. light and heavy packaging, carpet fixing
3. protection of the telephone lines
4. construction applications